Renbar mosaics is a European company of interior design and manufacturer of mosaic. In our offer you will find a wide range of floor and wall mosaics designed for interior and exterior expositions. All o10429294_899085793453956_6691841913798307389_nf our mosaics are created using the ancient Byzantine mosaic technology starting from the manually cut classic materials like marble, glass, enamels including gold, but also Aglo-marble, stoneware, ceramics, etc.. following the grammars of the patterns that this technique has developed over the millenniums.

The mosaics are created in our atelier, then moved and assembled in final destinations.

Renbar mosaics additionally offers professional service in other disciplines of visual arts and design as urban planning, execution of the mural paintings, marble sculptures, arts in wood, , ancient copies, the restoration of art works  including the 3D projects.





Our team is made up of professionals of the conservation and restoration of art works (Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow) as well as graduates in the fields of visual arts and entertainment, including the Mosaic (Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna). For this reason, our products have a high level of professionalism being a result of extensive studies of the grammar and the typologies of mosaics and at the same time thanks to the use of the best technologies of works construction our mosaics are expected to continue for several centuries in time.


Our company realizes the mosaics using a variety of materials, from the most expensive natural marble, granite, travertine, glassy materials as smalti, gold, silver and concluding with the Aglo-marble, stoneware, ceramics, metal etc. The use of the material depends on your esthetic preferences and economic possibilities. Our experience in the restoration of art works and in the classic and contemporary mosaic design (school of Ravenna) guarantees the high quality of our products.





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