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Installation: Resurrection after many travels in 2011 went permanently to the Museum of the Shroud of Turin in Italy



dr Renata Karska is a Polish artist, born in Zakopane. She graduated the High Art School in Zakopane in  wood sculpture. Then she graduated the Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow in Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art obtaining the  Master  degree in conservation of sculpture. At the same time she obtained the  Gunsmith Master degree. She has been   the  laureate of many scholarships and awards like: Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage  for scientific and academic results, Jan Matejko Scholarship for scientific and academic results, Scholarship from Mayor of City Cracov for scientific and academic results.

In 2019 she obtained  Phd degree, in Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow in Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, specialization, conservation of metal.

Her Phd  work and her research has focused on studies of  medieval blackpowder rifles, considering issues with metal conservation and technology of old guns. She is also civic and educational activist. She has  taken part in numerous non profit events and projects. She is deeply engaged in reeneactment of 17th century military troops: conducting a Reenectament group Parva Armis. She co-founded with her school friend Bartosz Kęska in 2005 the  Renbar art group .  In  the very beginning the group activities focused on the  modern art media language. Then they  clarified their  artistic language using ancient mosaics as the  form of art communication. Renbar mosaics group has presented its works at  numerous individual and collective exhibitions earning appreciation and awards.




Bartosz Keska is a violinist and a contemporary artist graduate in Accademy of Fine Arts in Ravenna (Italy) and the School of Arts in Zakopane (Poland). He is a member of RENBAR contemporary art group, originator of artworks, installations as also theatres, movies and performances presented in many individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and in Italy. Actually he lives and works in Poland exploring the mosaic technique  as a contemporary artifact, he also conducts art workshops and conferences dedicated to mosaic language and its role in the contemporary context.




The artist, conservator, graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art. A member of the art group RENBAR, author of art and restored works  in Poland, Ireland and Germany.

Graduated from the High Art School in Kielce, co-author of the work exhibited in the local Regional Cultural them. J. Pilsudski.


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