Feminity and male power in mosaics,

Pauza in Garden, october 2014

We would like to invite you to the exhibition of noteworthy  artists  who create in stone, glass and valuable gold three –dimensional  mosaic works.

Two teams Renbar Mosaics and  Lubosz Karwat Laboratory  are going to present their works with the motto “feminine senses” and “ masculine power”from the 2nd October in “Pauza in Garden” Rajska street 12 in Cracow.

The team members of Renbar Mosaics and  Lubosz Karwat Laboratory  are qualified professionals in the field of art conservation (graduates of Academy of Fine Arts in Toruñ and Krakow and the Department of Mosaics in Academia di Bella Arti in Ravenna Italy).

Their works are both aesthetical refined and exquisite. Their mosaics are prepared from wide range of materials- the most valuable natural stone ,marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, through less valuable colourful stained glass and transformed materials( metal, ceramic tiles, aglomarble) as well. They are self designed and handmade. Their work open a creative dialogue between the artist and the viewer by interplay of light and texture, the discovery of the unknown potential of natural materials and the mastery of technique.

The promoter of this exhibition is Art for You Foundation

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